About Us

Cash For Junk Cars San Francisco is an automotive recycling firm that buys scrap cars from personal owners.

This firm has been in business for decades and works hard to ensure their customers are satisfied. They offer some of the highest prices in the industry, and they can arrange for free towing of any vehicle. Car owners can take advantage of fast, friendly service. Any type of car can be sold for scrap metal, and owners will help the environment while they get cash for their junk vehicle.

Free Towing

Often, old cars are no longer operational. They sit around yards and begin to rust away. Most cities have ordinances against leaving junk vehicles on the road or private property. Cash For Junk Cars San Francisco can offer all of their clients free towing. This is the economical way to get rid of old vehicles, and consumers are assured that their car will be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. Sellers can also benefit from reliable service and convenient response times.

Sell Junk Cars for Cash

Scrap metal demands are at record highs, and most automobiles have lots of different parts that can be recycled. The particular price depends on the individual vehicle. Most owners are more than happy to sell their old car for a cash price. Sellers can also rely on top pay and quality customer service when they deal with Cash For Junk Cars San Francisco.

Reliable Service

Choosing a company that has been in business for decades is the proactive way to ensure safe and friendly service. Cash For Junk Cars San Francisco has been in business for years and works hard to satisfy all of their customers. Their services are environmentally friendly, and they offer sellers the easiest way to get cash for their unused vehicles.

Getting rid of junk cars is easier than ever, and Cash For Junk Cars San Francisco ensures that sellers have access to high prices, convenient service and free towing. This firm has been pleasing customers for decades and works hard to ensure that all of their clients are happy. Private parties can rest assured when they choose to let a reliable company handle their scrap car removal.